Casual Intercourse: Confessions Of A Ex-Sex Kitten

17 novembro, 2019|

Casual Intercourse: Confessions Of A Ex-Sex Kitten Inside her teenagers and 20s, she saw intercourse being a easy game of conquest. She’d rather stay home than wake up with a stranger today. What changed? Lisa Dierbeck traces her evolution from vamp to veteran. I do not rely on casual intercourse. It is not that i am in opposition to it precisely, it is simply that — in my experience — no thing that is such. Whether or not it is not emotional, I’m not interested. In my situation, sex without feeling is a clear ritual, a cool, technical change that will leave me personally lonely and depressed. Because of the choice between that and solitude, I like become alone. Even the expression “casual sex” has a hollow band that bothers me personally. It is a contradiction in terms. Where’s the casual part? I have tossed casual supper parties, serving Chinese takeout in some recoverable format dishes. […]